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Shaanxi Xiangyang Vacuum Engineering Co. Ltd. (formerly Xi'an Xiangyang refined Engineering Co. Ltd.) is located in the beautiful scenery of the ancient city of Xi'an, located in the east of Xi'an Development Zone, the company covers an area of 51092 square meters, construction area of 11370 square meters, with an area of 8200 square meters of production, office area of 3170 square meters and is a set of life scientific research and development, manufacturing, sales installation, maintenance services in one of the high-tech enterprises. In 2013, the company passed the ISO-9000 quality system certification.
The company's organization has 7 departments, including technology research and development department, marketing department, technology service department, quality control department, project department, finance department, personnel administration department, etc., and 1 manufacturing factories. At present, the company has 55 personnel, including 12 company R & D and management personnel, 3 senior engineers, 5 senior engineers and 8 engineers. There are 20 manufacturing factories, including 12 senior technicians and 8 intermediate technicians. There are 36 units (sets) of all kinds of production equipment in the manufacturing plant, and the annual production capacity is 30 thousand tons.
Our company has been engaged in the development of special steel refining engineering and steam jet vacuum pump and its application technology and supporting equipment for many years. The company has a strong research and development strength, with a number of technology patents and proprietary technology, and using the computer aided design and optimization, the steam jet vacuum pump steam, water consumption index and comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level (energy consumption than similar products at home and abroad low 20 ~ 50%); the comprehensive performance of /VC vacuum furnace casting equipment and ancillary equipment VD, VOD vacuum refining in the domestic leading position, the domestic market share of more than 70%. The recent development of the jet pre vacuum and pulsating vacuum sterilizer is the first set of domestic and international products.
The company has independently owned eight patent technologies: (seven utility model patents, one invention patent)
L energy saving adjustable steam jet vacuum pump patent number: ZL93217103.6
L steam jet pulsating vacuum sterilizer patent number: ZL98232755.2
L multivariable steam jet vacuum pump patent number: ZL00226630.X
L multifunction vacuum refrigerator patent number: ZL00226828.0
L vacuum sterilizer patent number: ZL01240593.0
L combined refrigeration steam jet vacuum pump patent number: ZL02114432.X
The refining equipment and industrial engineering - frequency constant pressure water supply equipment
The aerospace simulation device designed vacuum steam jet pump and water ring vacuum pump
The food freeze drying device and process the steam jet pulsation vacuum sterilizer
The high middle and low frame steam jet vacuum pump / multifunctional vacuum refrigeration machine
The vacuum drying and vacuum pre cooling equipment - vibration filter type dust collector
The company was founded twenty years, has a total production of 5 sets of aerospace engine altitude simulation test bench ground vacuum system; more than 100 full set of special steel, stainless steel vacuum refining furnace (VD, VOD, VC, LF) complete sets of equipment; 1480 sets of vacuum pump service space, metallurgy and chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical and other 15 industries, products marketing more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide, praised by users.
In recent years, our company has a total production of various types of specifications and types of vacuum tank 146 services in 106 special steel smelting enterprises, the ultimate vacuum 20Pa, vacuum degree 40Pa (pumping time 5-7min), to provide high-quality steel material for major national projects in the Three Gorges project, shipbuilding engineering etc..
Steam jet pump our company as a company's production, technology and energy consumption indicators are better than similar products in Japan; a domestic steel ordered American equipment, while the United States will drawings made by my side, the heat load test a debugging success, get their praise, enjoy high reputation in the same industry in the United States Japan and Germany, Austria and other countries.
Our company is dedicated to provide customers with scientific research, design, manufacturing, complete sets and debugging integration of high quality services.
Advanced production equipment, perfect system testing equipment, with professional attitude and enterprising spirit, ensure the quality of our products.
We are demanding material, which is the guarantee of quality.
We pursue quality, which is the precondition of honor;
We pursue honor, which is the affirmation of our success.