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In 1992 Mr Wang Yuzhi established xi 'an xiangyang vacuum technology research institute, specializing in the hair of the steam jet vacuum pump system, the design and debugging services, build brand "xiangyang vacuum";

Company in 1998 for the restructuring, changed its name to xi 'an xiangyang injection technology co., LTD, started manufacturing steam jet vacuum pump system;

In 2000 the first set of domestic initiation metallurgical low pressure 0.5 MPa steam jet vacuum pump system into continuous operation

Design and manufacturing level 6 2002 steam jet vacuum pump system has reached the limit of vacuum 1 Pa Pa 0.1 and work within the world record;

In 2003 the company began to undertake metallurgical refining outside the furnace complete sets of equipment, from civil engineering, steel structure, equipment design (EAF - LF - VD/RH), manufacture, installation to the delivery of refining of complete sets of engineering, was renamed the xi 'an xiangyang refining engineering co., LTD.;

Shaanxi xiangyang vacuum engineering co., LTD., established in 2013, started to provide customers all kinds of vacuum to obtain equipment system solutions (steam jet pump, mechanical vacuum pump and the combination of two forms of vacuum system), and custom-made according to customer's actual energy situation the optimal energy saving scheme.